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    Using and Supplying Only The Best —
Single sourced specialty beans from Matagalpa, the high altitude cool region of Nicaragua.

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After living in Nicaragua, we finally experienced what good coffee is. After several years of planning, we can now offer to you the experience of a great cup of coffee. The beans we import have been selected by our friends and family in Nicaragua; they are the best of the best. They are shipped to us, " door to door," to ensure freshness, and guarantee they are not contaminated by any other smells or tastes.


Nicaraguan coffee is a rising star at the present. Because of war and upheaval, the coffees from Nicaragua are just being discovered as specialty coffees. In the past, their coffee has been bought and exported throughout the world as gourmet coffee from Brazil or Argentina — not any more!  They have been discovered and are now considered to be some of the best coffees grown. Rich and subtle, sweet and balanced notes of vanilla, low-toned chocolate and apricot are some of the descriptions of this great coffee.

We now offer great tasting coffees from other country's of origin. As well as a variety of coffees requested from our customers.

We offer Swiss Water Processed Decaf as well.

Thank You —
Patrick & Julie McCurdy

 "Other world class coffees available."     

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“Best I've ever had.  Highly recommend this company.”
Susan H.